Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fail Bands

My list of bands that were never good or had it and lost it.

GNR- without Slash & crew
Linkin Park - 2 Horrible albums in a row
Hollywood Undead - Cant write a song bad production masks are stupid the list goes on.
Velvet Revolver - Another bad lead singer for Slash & crew
The Offspring - Debut album was great now they are old and "found jesus" music sucks.
Cake - Hasnt had a good song since the 90s still love them though.
Lil Wayne - WTF was that rock star bullshit Wayne you rap not rock.
Muse - Overrated loved by many trendy idiots and hipsters.
Blink 182 - I miss you.

What is good? What am I listening to right now?

modest mouse & cold war kids play list.

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  1. Uhhh I still love Muse even though Twilight bitch turned them into pussy sellouts.